2 years ago today…

Jen through the ages

Jen through the ages

…I was ready to take the plunge and finally go out for the first time all dressed up.
It was a massive step for me and really set the tone for the next few years.

Goes into a dreamlike state and starts to reminisce

I had been brave enough to post a picture of my face on tvchix in (I think) November 2011.  Every comment I got was very supportive and encouraged me to consider the next level, going out in public.
It took a few months until I got so frustrated with myself that I could push past the fear and actually do it!
So in May 2012 I went to my first LFF.

I’d arranged to head in with another girl who was also going out for the first time, and I still remember the fear and trepidation we had after calling for a taxi.
All that instantly evaporated however when we walked in through the door of the Cosmopolitan Hotel.  The bar was full, and I mean completely full, of people just like us!!
The rest of the night is a bit of a blur, but everyone we talked to was really friendly and happy to help a couple of first-timers feel at home.
And, through my massive hangover the next morning, I remember the warm, happy feeling that the June LFF was only a month away.


2 thoughts on “2 years ago today…

  1. claire_k

    It’s great that you braved going out in public and enjoyed it! As you say it can be very daunting the first time, but the rewards of being able to feel accepted in a public space can be worth the trepidation.


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