Concerning Bosses

Unrelated image, but I really couldn't think of anything relevant!

Unrelated image perhaps, but I really couldn’t think of anything relevant!

I recently joined Twitter (@JenRoseblade if you were wondering!) and started following work colleagues, friends, celebrities, random internet people, etc.
I was cheerfully exchanging tweets with a work colleague when I noticed Twitter was offering suggestions of who else I might like to follow, and one of those people was my boss.

Although the number of people that I’m ‘out’ to has increased a lot in the past few years, I’ve never quite got round to telling my boss.
I’ve nothing against bosses of course, but it felt like it would be all official and things and I have no desire to start messing with the status quo of my work-life at the moment.
Besides, I’ve only been in the job 8 months.

However, by joining Twitter and being very open and, dare I say, ‘normal’ in my interactions (as opposed to my previous policy of locked down Facebook profiles with only certain friends allowed, two different email accounts, etc) I realised I was leaving myself open to accidentally outing myself.

While I wasn’t against my boss finding out, I wanted to be the one to tell her.  Not have her find out accidentally through Twitter, or a gossipy colleague seeing something online and spreading it about.

So I had two options:
1) Delete Twitter and go back to separate boy and girl online personas (transition points -5)
2) Tell the boss (transition points +10)

It just so happened that I had a monthly performance review scheduled for the next Monday.  This is for a general catch-up about how I’m getting on, any big project updates, questions or concerns that I might have.  So I hijacked this meeting and instead I told my boss everything.

We had a really good chat.  Sarah was very understanding and has said she will do anything she can to support me, yay!  Although she hadn’t come across this situation before, she seemed genuinely interested from the questions she asked, and read this blog when she got home to find out more about this side of me.

Although I was sure the reaction would be a good one, I had been stressing quite a bit before I went in.  Now everyone in my team at work knows and it feels like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders.

Although it may seem a small step to some, I think this was a really big tick on my imaginary ‘transition to-do list’ and definitely lays the foundations for change in the future.

Sometimes I surprise myself 🙂


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