Life on the waiting list

Me staring at the camera

This is my waiting face!

I can’t remember the exact date, but it’s around a year now since I told my GP everything and got a referral to the Leeds GIC (Gender Identity Clinic). It had taken a lot of courage to finally make this step, having umm’d and ahh’d for years about whether I was ready and if I would be taken seriously.

So I was over the moon when the appointment with the GP went so well. A few weeks later I could barely contain my excitement when a letter arrived from the GIC containing a leaflet about being Transgender and what help the NHS can offer.

Upon closer inspection however, the letter informed me that I would have a first appointment at some point in the next financial year… sooooo that’s some time before April 2015!!

And so began life on the waiting list…

I haven’t just been waiting though, I’ve tried to keep moving forward regardless of the gender clinic. In the year since seeing the GP I’ve probably been busier with my transition than ever before!

I guess life on the waiting list goes on, for now at least.


One thought on “Life on the waiting list

  1. Clarkey

    I have only recently came across you on Tumblr and Worldpress.
    You are an impressive person, and I will read more of your posts.
    My wait list story is nowhere near as impactfull as yours, yet please allow me to explain.
    My wait list pertained to my early hip replacements – thank to genetics and sports injury.
    Required too early, I waited for years before making the decision.
    When my GP and surgeon agreed, I waited…..
    The wait was long – so it seemed, but it was worth it.
    Stay strong, it will be hard and it will be worth it.
    John C


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