Thinking about the future

Gothic Jen
I’ve been thinking recently about the year ahead and what I’d like to achieve.  I made so much progress last year I think it’ll be hard to match that.  Although it feels like the steps I take this year will be bigger than anything so far.

Perhaps, if I keep up this blog for a while, I’ll be able to look back in a year’s time and see what I did and didn’t achieve…

1) Get out more!
At the moment I tend to go out dressed in my androgynous look.  Sometimes I get called a girl, sometimes a boy.  More often than not I’ve no idea what people think I am!  My hoodie and jeans are comfortable and safe.  But I need to start pushing myself a bit, I want makeup and heels to be the norm.  So next time I go out to the cinema or for a meal, I’m going to put some pretty earrings and makeup on and, if anyone asks my name, I’m going to tell them it’s Jen.

2) Go full-time at work
This is a big goal for the year and something there will probably be a lot more blog posts about!  I’ve known since the office Christmas party that my work is very supportive and ready to help me progress.  So once I feel that my head is in the right place for such a big step, there’s really nothing to stop me!

3) First appointment at the Gender Identity Clinic
I’ve been on the Gender clinic waiting list for over a year now and so should be having my first appointment in the next few months (assuming they haven’t forgotten about me).  I’m not entirely sure how much support they can provide initially, but this will still be a big step in my transition.  If I’ve achieved the full-time at work goal before my first appointment, then perhaps the GIC will be more willing to start some longer-term balls rolling.

4) Stay in shape
My PE teacher at school used to tell me that, although I might be skinny at 17, by the time I’m 30 my metabolism will have slowed down.  This, combined with a desk job and little exercise, will result in me piling on the pounds in all the wrong places.
Just to be on the safe side (as I do have a desk job!) I’m going to keep an eye on my figure a bit.  No crazy dieting or anything, just trying to do a bit more exercise.  In fact, I’ve already started this as a few weeks back I went for a run.  It was one whole mile and I was ruined… maybe I’ll try again next year!


2 thoughts on “Thinking about the future

  1. Bob Pike

    Try country walking, instead it’s easier on all your leg and hip joints and it’s just as beneficial as running, plus you get to see the countryside and Yorkshire’s a beautiful county. Also, I’ve yet to see a jogger who looks happy, they always appear to be grimacing all the time. I belong to two walking groups where I am in Nottinghamshire – I’m not a native of said county and we go walking locally or Derbyshire as well as having a chin-wag.

  2. Jennifer Louise Carter

    Hi Jen, cycling is good for you too, in fact some variety in exercise is good if you can spare the time, it means that you can go out in whatever the weather throws at you….or the situation ie friends or whatever. I do some cycling, running and hill walking…..probably reflects where I am in life :)..a little older than you. The gym and swimming are both good for you also, whatever you do you need to raise your heart rate, and feel a little energised afterwards (ok maybe I feel tired). One of the many benefits of a regular health regime is endorfens…. a natural way of making you feel good !! …….there is lots of advice on the web….whatever you do make try and keep it easy at the start and regular! Take Care Jen xx


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