Carry on doctor…

Jen in a hospital bed

Not looking too bad, considering I’d just woken up after an operation!

I’ve spent all day lying around in bed, taking it easy after a minor operation in hospital yesterday (it’s ok, I’m fine!) but it does mean there’s no excuse to not write a new blog post or two.

The operation went well, but there were a few unexpected moments of gender confusion cropping up.  Because I’ve not changed my name yet, I’m still officially a guy on paper.  So when the nurse came into the waiting room to call for me and didn’t see any men there, she decided I must have run off and went to get a search party together to find me!

Then later on, when I was asked to go and sit on a bed until my surgery time, one of the male patients started questioning me to find out why I was there (was I waiting for a ‘male friend?’), and then grumbled to the nurse about them making girls wait in the men’s ward.

I guess I should be pleased that I get this reaction and, don’t get me wrong, I am.  But I do still find it weird because it always happens when my mind is on other things.  Like going through security at an airport, or when I’m stressing about an operation.  I was always a bit worried that if I changed my name it’d be really, really awkward if someone misgendered me, but these days I seem to confuse people more as I am now!

Another hint perhaps that I should get this whole ‘full-time’ thing moving sooner rather than later…


3 thoughts on “Carry on doctor…

  1. Gabriella Creaney

    Hey Jen, it’s Gabriella (AKA GabbyGettingReady). Loving the blog as ever, you’re such an inspiration. Hope you’re okay ofter the op. Hugs, Gab x


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