Monthly Archives: June 2015

Holey jumpers and big decisions

Jen posing (again)
Do you ever get the feeling that the Universe is trying to tell you something?

The other day I spotted not one but two massive holes in my trusty work jumper.
And then, on my way out of the house I ripped a chunk out of my coat sleeve as well.
I’d had a little deal with myself that I’d never need to go shopping for man clothes again.  But at the rate my wardrobe is diminishing it doesn’t look like this will be possible!

A few days later a letter arrived from the Gender clinic saying that they would probably be able to see me in September (I’ll try and resist the urge to rant about the fact that September is 21 months from I was referred!!)

So all of this got me thinking:
1) I’ve been frustrated with my lack of progress since the Christmas party
2) This kind of half and half life is really getting me down
3) I’m running out of boy clothes
4) I’m seeing the Gender clinic in 3 months

It didn’t take me long to come to the obvious conclusion… I think it’s finally time for full-time!

It’d be very easy having made this decision to turn into a big ball of nervous stress, so I think I need to follow the advice that a colleague gave me…
“Do the big scary thing, and let the details sort themselves out”

At least it’s a good excuse to go shopping 🙂