Frickin’ lasers

Jen smiling
I’ve been pretty lucky in that I never had that much facial hair.  Even a small amount was too much however, so I developed a habit where I’d pluck out every single hair I could find.  Now I’m not talking a quick fifteen minutes in front of the mirror here, this was sitting down in front of iPlayer for a whole Sunday afternoon of tweezering.

It all sounds quite extreme (and time-consuming), but I’d had some bad experiences with seeing photos of myself with what looked like a visible beard shadow showing under my foundation.  Most likely it was the camera flash seeing through the makeup, but it wasn’t a risk I wanted to take.

Things started to go downhill when I somehow developed a social life.  It was harder to find the time for a full plucking session, and the kinda red, raw face I would have afterwards wasn’t massively attractive.  So I finally got round to booking some sessions of laser hair removal.  I’d read a lot about different types of hair removal and different levels of effectiveness, so decided to use the local branch of a nationwide chain in the hope they would be knowledgeable and reputable.

Laser hair removal hadn’t been very effective for some of my friends, but it turns out that my dark hair and fair skin was a perfect fit.  I was pleased that each appointment went quickly and didn’t seem to hurt much.  After 8 sessions I have very minimal hair growth, and probably a few more sessions at some point would get rid of that as well.

I don’t underestimate the impact that the hair removal had on my confidence.  I had fallen into the trap in the past of piling on foundation to hide any shadow, and then having to over-do the rest of the makeup to compensate.  I could just about get away with this on nights out, but it didn’t feel natural in the daytime.  After the laser I am able to go out with minimal makeup, which is perfect for my now daily routine of getting ready for the office.


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