Gender clinic – Round 1

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Good news… I’ve had my first appointment at the Leeds Gender Identity Clinic!

I was beginning to get a bit nervous before I went in as I’ve been waiting for this for 21 months.  I didn’t need to be worried though, everything went well 🙂

Quite a few of my friends have already been through this process, so I knew the first few appointments would be the clinic finding out more about me and assessing my health and wellbeing.  They didn’t disappoint, diving straight in with a long mental health questionnaire.  We were also able to have a general discussion about me and the care pathways that the clinic can offer.  It feels good to finally be doing things officially, and they seemed impressed with how things were progressing with my transition so far.

After another appointment with the counsellor I should be able to see the doctor.  Hopefully he’ll be able to give me an official diagnosis to say that I’m trans… it’ll be kinda awkward if he says I’m not!


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