The office Christmas party 2015

Jen after a makeover at Illamasqua

Time for a selfie after my makeover!

So last night I found myself, yet again, at the office Christmas party.  The event brought back happy memories of last year, where I introduced many of my colleagues to Jen for the first time. Being there again has really emphasised to me how much I’ve changed and grown in the last twelve months.

Around this time last year I was writing an article for the magazine TV Repartee.  The article was centred on the Christmas party, and how I saw it as the culmination of everything I had worked for in my transition in 2014.  Attending the party was a massive step for me back then, and the confidence boost I gained from having a successful and enjoyable night was huge.

While the venue and people were the same as last year, this year I was in a very different frame of mind as I took my seat for the meal.  The office Christmas party was just that; a party, with my colleagues, for Christmas.  There was no stressing about what people would think of me, no fears about toilets or studying everyone’s outfits to make sure I was fitting in.  This year, my only worry was whether I would get to the front of the bar queue before my soup got cold!

The transgender thing didn’t cross my mind once, and these days I feel much more at ease with who I am.  So much so in fact, that I gladly accompanied my manager on a trip to Illamasqua for a bit of a makeover before the party.  This is the sort of thing I would have been way too scared and embarrassed to even consider in the past, so I’m really pleased I feel comfortable enough now to embrace these new experiences.

Just wish I could work out how they made my eyes so dark and smoky!


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