Officially transgender…

Jen adopts a thinking pose

Just before Christmas I had my third and final Gender clinic assessment.  The first two appointments had been with a counsellor, whereas this time I was in with two doctors as well. Once again, they dug deep into my past to look at my journey to this point.  I could see them building up the picture as they probed different areas… When did I start feeling this way?  How did I respond to puberty?  What was my relationship like with my you-know-what?

At the end of the appointment the doctor confirmed that I have a diagnosis of Transsexualism, and they’ve subsequently sent my GP a short document explaining the diagnosis and summarising my physical, mental and social health.

So what does this actually mean?

The diagnosis hasn’t come as a surprise of course, although I suppose I might feel some validation now I have a more official looking note in my medical records.

The main change is I’ve been moved from the assessment stage to the Gender clinic care pathway proper, although the doctor mentioned that there isn’t actually much they will be able to offer me as I’ve done most of it myself.  They have a hormone clinic I can attend, and then after a year of hormones I might be eligible for lower surgery… and that’s about all that’s left!


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