Jen and Jen at an event

Out with my girlfriend. Image ©Warren Archer

I was at the theatre earlier this week watching a show which explored faith and sexuality.  A questionnaire was handed out to the audience, and one of the questions asked if you identified as LGBTQ.  It’s not the first time I’ve been asked that question, and it’s always tricky to get me to give a straight answer (there’s probably a pun in there somewhere!)

I’m definitely a T, but being T is not mutually exclusive of being L,G or B (and I’m not going to get into the transgender is a gender not a sexuality thing right now…)

I used to go out with a guy and I identify as female, so that would make me straight.  But now I go out with a trans girl.  Both of us identify as female, so are we lesbians?  But I’m not that into cis-females, and both of us are trans, so would we call ourselves transbians?  Although that would perhaps suggest I’m only attracted to trans people, which would not be true.  So maybe I’m not an LT, maybe I’m bi?  Am I a BLT :/

There are plenty of other words out there I’m sure which could be better used to answer the question, but I’m not that fussed about labels.  In fact, this year I think I’m giving up labels for Lent.


2 thoughts on “Transbians?

  1. Ailana Nata

    Don´t ever put yourself into a category. You are human…….and a beautiful one…….and so you are entirely free to love what you like and like what you love. It is absolutely unnecessery to put any lables on your feelings.

  2. Peter

    I don’t care too much for categories, people are people. But I am totally delighted that you have found someone special to share your life – you deserve it.


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