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Five things I’ve realised since going full time

Jen in 2012, and again in 2015

Now and then… Real hair vs blonde wig

Before doing the whole ‘full-time’ girl thing I worried about a lot of the big questions.  How would work react?  How do I go about changing my name?  What would I do if people used the wrong pro-nouns?

I realised these worries couldn’t hold me back forever and I had to go ahead with what was right for me, so I did.  Since then however, I’ve discovered quite a few other things that I hadn’t even considered before.  So here are five random things I’ve realised since going full-time…

1) When your hair is the same as your first wig
It’s taken me a few years to grow out my hair, going from a number 3 all over to shoulder-length.  I’ve also spent a fair amount of time and money making it (and trying to keep it) blonde. Looking in the mirror recently,  I realised my appearance is pretty much the same now as it was when I first started out… in my £17.99 blonde wig!

2) Women’s toilets aren’t all that
I can imagine some people go through life and never see inside facilities ear-marked for members of the opposite gender.  For some reason I used to think the ladies loos would be a stark contrast to the smelly men’s.  Some kind of luxurious, carpeted, toilet temples no doubt.
Well they aren’t…
And the queues are usually way longer!

3) No more impromptu nights out
There was a time I could grab a jacket and head out if I needed to.  These days going out requires a good deal of planning in advance, and the evening starts long before I leave the house.  Things were simpler in the past, but not nearly as fun 😉

4) Communal changing rooms
Back at the start of the year I was wondering about some kind of keep-fit New Year’s resolution.  Maybe I could join a gym or take up swimming.  Then I realised communal changing rooms could present some challenges… I think I’d rather avoid that situation at the moment.

5) Accidental factual inconsistencies
I’m not embarrassed about my past, but there are times when I don’t really want to get into that conversation.  It gets kinda awkward when I’m halfway through some witty anecdote about my childhood and I remember the punch line revolves around the fact that I went to an all boys school.  Either I bail on the story, or get a bunch of confused looks from my audience.