Monthly Archives: April 2016

Welcome to the Care Pathway

Roadsign pointing towards 'Transition complete'

Looks like I need to take a right at the next roundabout

After my diagnosis back at the start of the year, I had a sit down with the Gender clinic counsellor to map out where I go next.  There’s a number of services they can offer, so they wanted to find out what I might be interested in.  The choices went something like:

Vocal training
I declined this as I’m not that bothered by my voice at the moment.  And if I was, I think I’d be better off spending some time working on it alone at first.

Laser sessions
I already had 8 sessions on my face last year, so there’s nothing much left to laser 😉

I said yes to this one!  So I’ve ended up at the back of a waiting list for the hormone clinic (a waiting list… who would have thought?!)

Lower surgery
While this is technically an option, it’s not something I’d be eligible for this year so not really worth stressing over for a bit.

Although there weren’t that many options that the clinic could provide, one of the nicest things about this meeting was that it highlighted to me just how far I’ve come.  It really doesn’t feel like there are that many obstacles left on my transition roadmap after all 🙂